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Posted on December 12, 2011 at 4:27 PM Comments comments (30)
  Back to the FROTHER.  It was time to have my own.  Christine paid $180 for hers. Mine was still hefty at $59.95 plus tax but...NOW I AM HOOKED.

I ripped out my PUMPKIN SPICE FLAVORED COFFEE. Brewed it up and set the frother in motion.  WOW! the texture in my mouth and how beautiful it made my coffee was exciting.  I added some Cinnamon Stevia (liquid by SweetLeaf) in the coffee and yummy, yummy, yummy.

I have a new TOY and will also see how much FROTH I get for 1 Tablespoon of milk and report back to you.  Eating this frothy milk foam by itself was an experience.  It's then, I realized how much whipped cream is a TEXTURE we miss and love. And how important TEXTURE is to our total FOOD experience.

Look for a blog post just about that and read HOW TO CHEAT WITHOUT CHEATING.  I will be giving you my own ideas on how to experience food without all the bad calories.  It will definitely open your eyes.

This Diet Experience or Journey has been way more about EVERY area of my life and NOT JUST about shedding pounds.  It's shedding attitudes, dealing with Social Pressures when food is involved. 
I mean, one of the most important things that locked into my brain was seeing how my body worked.  My food cycles, hunger cycles, when I felt strong, when weak.  You have them too.  And I learned that really getting more sleep did help me shed more weight plus it took my mind off of food.  ( Only occasionally did I feel that I needed extra sleep during this diet.  I felt tired perhaps only 3 of the total days and mostly I was more energized by not medicating my body with SUGAR, CHOCOLATE, FATS...and unwanted chemicals from food additives. 

I have added a widget here directly to Amazon so if you want to get one or pass it on to Santa so he can get it for you.  I will be experimenting with the FROTHER and will post more info about it here.  Do yourself a favor and buy a FROTHER for Christmas. Yum.  I like this one as it's compact and easy to use and you can froth up to 8 ounces.  DON'T GET BETWEEN ME AND MY FROTHER!!  Enjoy your day.  Don't do ANY DIET on your own.  Get support.  Share with each other, with me, it's a daily victory.  xoxo Susan